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Sue B's Thin Place : The Marsh


"Out of nowhere, I got this

feeling of complete bliss."

One morning while I was driving to work I was feeling so anxious and scared. Both my kids weren’t doing well and it was taking a toll on me. I couldn’t sleep without taking sleeping pills and I was just a wreck.


Every morning I drive past this marsh on my way to work. This particular morning, all of a sudden, out of nowhere, I got this feeling of complete bliss. I felt so much joy for seemingly no reason at all.


In spite of the fact that I was thinking about all the reasons why I was very unhappy, very worried and very fearful, a blinding joy came over me. And I thought…okay…everything’s going to be okay.


I don’t know where this feeling came from but it happened right at the beginning of the marsh. Now every time I drive past it, I think how this has been here, beautiful and forever--unchanged. That’s what life is really, in a lot of ways. Our spirit stays the same. We are eternal.

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