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Thin Places Everyday

In early 2020, my Thin Places Project was put on hold when the pandemic made in-person interviews impossible. However, I eventually realized it was an opportunity to turn the project inwards, and began exploring Thin Places where I found them in the natural world. I also began looking to voices from the past; seeking inspiration from mystics, artists, and writers who were able to verbally articulate some of what I was trying to capture in images.


All of my time spent in isolation allowed me to photograph every day from March 2020 to March 2021 and beyond. Whereas normally I might go weeks or months between interviews, I found myself completely immersed in this project. I was able to experiment with different camera formats and materials, from Diana cameras, shooting 8x10 Polaroids with my view camera, home developing black and white and color film, and making dry plate tintypes and cyanotypes in my darkroom. In the end, instant film in particular was my medium of choice, as I felt it best captured the immediacy of my observations. The practice of being present with the magic all around us in our everyday world was a gift I hope to share.

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