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Janet C's Thin Place : Goose Pond


I feel like I'm in God's embrace

I absolutely love the variety and imagination of God’s creation.  It’s incredible.  And something like the ocean or the Rocky Mountains, they’re so majestic and awe-full in the original sense of the word.  But that makes me feel much more in awe of God and not quite as close.

Goose Pond is a matter of scale.  And I guess I view something like a small lake ringed with trees like walking into a snug, little, cozy cottage.  So it’s a place like that where I’m feeling more like I’m in God’s embrace.

I’m sure that one reason that I like small freshwater lakes with trees all around them is my grandfather had a small cottage in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan that we would go to for a week in August most every year when I was a child.  And my father had gone there for the entire summer when he was growing up.  And it was his favorite place on earth.

So there’s probably some nostalgia and memories involved that also make me feel really special when I’m at a small lake.  If I’m having trouble sleeping for example, I’ll usually try just to re-imagine or put myself in that place – and just sort of let go and relax.

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