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Katherine R's Thin Place : Burying Hill Beach

For almost 30 years it has

served as my temple.

I  have always found a sense of spiritual renewal at Burying Hill Beach.  Despite the name or its history, or maybe because of it, this is a place I go to sort things out, to cry, to explore, to paint, to collect.


It is my place to meditate.

On the rocky and narrow beach the walk can be challenging, and I find I must pay attention to my footing and the tides. Mindfulness starts my journey.


Not usually a crowded beach, I am offered solitude when I need it. 


A soft palette and quiet sounds put me at peace.

It is a place for treasures; polished sea glass, driftwood, smooth stones. 


I find inner discoveries as well.  Thoughtfulness fills my soul.


I enter at times with urgency and panic, I always leave calm and settled and quiet.

May 2008   


The time Cliff was to receive his first IV of chemo after years of making sure what he put in his body was safe and healthy.


Not knowing our future, yet knowing I broke down,   

no longer able to stand tall and reassuring.   Seeing the reality as I settled him in the chair, holding back...holding back until I couldn't  anymore.

Through my tears I found my way to this thin place.


I left the beach filled, for the moment, with the strength I needed: for Cliff, for our children, for me.

For almost 30 years it has served as my temple.


I am forever grateful for this beautiful place, and the spirits that reside there.

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