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Carol S's Thin Place : Sacred Studio


I saw this room.  That’s where

I was... in my safe space.

So I donated 60% of my liver to my husband.  Amazingly I was a match.   It was only a 1% chance. 


He was doing fine and then the disease came back because it was an autoimmune disease and unfortunately he passed away 14 months after. 

I had never had surgery before.  But I donated my liver to him, and when I came out of the operation, I felt myself rise from this room, back up into my body, back up into the O.R. space.  Like I knew that my soul was here.


I saw this room.  That’s where I was ... in my safe space.

This room has been a yoga studio for 12 years.  It’s a sacred space.  Actually some of my husband’s ashes are in here, which not everybody knows.

There’s times when you can feel that the veil is thin.  There’s times when you can feel there’s a connection. 


I actually was sitting in here meditating on the morning of the funeral and afterwards … I don’t know how to describe it … it was like an icicle hanging in mid-air … several of them … and it was like energy changing form.

I know that my husband is around.  I can feel him around. 


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