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Maya's Thin Place : The Reggie Crow


We all have wings

but we don’t know why.

My beloved dog Reggie died very unexpectedly last year. We had been living in Seattle at the time where there are many crows. After Reggie died I noticed a lamp post out my window where a crow often was perching. I thought of the crow as the “ Reggie Crow” watching us. I continued to find tiny crow feathers which I always took as a sign from Reggie.
We moved to Connecticut but I still thought of Reggie every day. I needed to clear my head one day and decided to wander out to the backyard while listening to my playlist on headphones. I saw one tiny gray feather the same size as the crow feathers I kept finding in Seattle. Suddenly the song stopped and I heard a rustling of leaves. When I followed the sound I found a pile of tiny gray feathers. The music suddenly began again and the lyrics to the song were “We all have wings but we don’t know why.”
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